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Virtual Demo Day Edition

Startup Wise Guys Demo Day at TechChill 2020

How to speak to your audience’s sense of logic

Auguste Rodin’s “The Thinker” on display at the Peabody Essex Museum’s exhibit: “Rodin: Transforming Sculpture.” (Andrea Shea/WBUR)

5 pitching habits to fight the forgetting curve

Slush 2016 Founders’ Stage — Mark Lee, Head of Growth at SendBird pitching in the Slush 100 Finals. Photo by Jussi Hellsten. Slush Media.

How to survive the first 3 minutes of your talk

Skype University Hackathon 2016, Pitch Training. Photo by Maido Parv

A 7-point guide to speaking with meaning at conferences

Conference artifacts.

Gleb Maltsev

Data-Driven Pitch Coach

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